Monday, 13 August 2012

What is it...a pale Buzzard

On Saturday afternoon we went for a nice walk along the cliffs to Budleigh Salterton & back to Littleham via the cycle track. Near the Littleham end of the track there was a rather large bird sitting in a tree top about 150 metres away. As we were out for a walk rather than out birding, I only had my old bins with me & my little 'point & shoot' Panasonic Lumix camera. No scope, decent camera or bins. Typical! It had a very white head & underside & I took a few photos with the Lumix at 5x zoom in the hope that it may show enough...Simon did dash home for the Canon with telephoto, but of course the bird left before he got back.

The bird taken with the 5x zoom
The rest of the photos are massively cropped.

I also recorded it on my iphone. It's very faint as it's such a long way off, but does call twice at about 10 & 28 seconds. I would have edited it down if I could! I tried to insert it but after a couple of hours trying to figure out how to do it, this is the best I could manage!

I'd love a positive ID......


Update: Help received! It was a pale Common Buzzard!


  1. Hi Sue. It looks to me like a pale Buzzard...though I'm happy to be corrected

  2. Hello Sue,im with Gav pale Buzzard.

  3. Gavin & Phil

    Thanks for your help. I've sort of managed to put the call on the blog, but not how I would have liked! Just in case it makes a difference!