Friday, 3 August 2012

Time Trial Tick

Having enjoyed watching Bradley Wiggins, Chris Froome & Lizzie Armistead win their medals in their Olympic cycling road races on tele, we made a last minute decision to head to London to watch the time trials on Wednesday. And the fact that it was in Ring-necked Parakeet territory was an added bonus. We got up at 5am & headed East. We'd decided it would be too busy at Hampton Court, so picked Seven Hills Road in Weybridge, a really long straight stretch of road. We got to within a mile and a half of the course before we hit a road closure, so parked up in a little side street in Byfleet. As we got out of the van, I heard a screech & looked up to see a bright green bird fly over & land in a tree at the end of the road. At least that was the parakeet in the bag!

The street with the parakeet!
The racing was fantastic. There were loads of people at the junction just up the road, but the crowd was quite thinly spread along Seven Hills Road. Even so, we didn't need the bins to tell when the Brits were approaching as the extra loud cheers gave the game away. We didn't get any photos of the Brits as we were too busy cheering them on as well.

Our day was made even better due to the fact that we watched in comfort. The family from the mansion that we'd happened to stand beside provided us with deck chairs, tea & the use of their loo! How nice was that? And, we also saw history being made - Go Wiggo!!

Simon beside our luxury seating. 

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