Friday, 11 July 2014

Nightjars on Mutters Moor

On Wednesday I joined 18 other members of Devon Birds for a Nightjar hunt on Mutters Moor near Sidmouth. It was a clear dry evening with a nice bright moon to help the Nightjars hunt for supper, although there was a reasonably strong chilly wind which probably kept  some of their insect menu grounded. At least we didn't get nibbled by any mozzies.

We arrived at 8.30pm & wandered to the North of the moor for fantastic views as the sun set.

It must have been about 9.45pm when we first heard the Nightjar's 'churring', and shortly after that one was spotted perching in a nearby tree. Most of us got a decent look at it in the scope before it flew off. We then had good but brief views as a pair flew around not far from where we were watching.

Headed back to the car park in the dark after a good night out!