Thursday, 26 April 2012

Long-legged lovelies

Yesterday, I checked Birdguides at lunchtime & got all excited when I saw there were 3 Black-winged Stilts at Exminster Marshes. My excitement was short lived as the next entry was that they'd gone! Bother (or words to that effect). Had it not been monsoon season I would have gone anyway, but I didn't fancy a wild-wader chase in the pouring rain.

I didn't have a 3G signal all afternoon, but when it came back at about 4pm Birdguides showed that the Stilts had been relocated. It was lashing it down, but I put on my waterproofs, leapt in the van & headed straight over to Exminster. I could hardly see where I was going in the torrential downpour, but miraculously as soon as I parked in the Fisherman's car park, it eased to a slight drizzle.

I walked along the path about 50 yards & looked through the bins..........even though I was looking for the Stilts & hoping they would still be there, my heart still skipped a beat when I spotted one. Then the second. And the third! Fantastic! I put up the scope & had a good look at them wading about in among the Whimbrels & Black-tailed Godwits. Something spooked them & the waders all flew up & across to the estuary. Well, I thought they had, but when I looked back they'd all gone except for the 3 Stilts who were still there, neatly lined up facing into the wind. It would have made a fantastic photo....

Unfortunately I only had the Lumix with me.....the Stilts are out there, honest!
It started to rain so I dashed back to the van to head home. It eased up again as I drove up the lane, so I stopped to have a quick look about. The wind was making quite big waves on the water but at least there was a bit of blue sky along with a Peregrine on a post.

Water water everywhere....

Year List now on 173 + 2

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