Sunday, 1 April 2012

A Bridging Camp too far

We spent the morining, and part of the afternoon, in a frustrating & fruitless search for the Richard's Pipit & Hume's Leaf Warbler in Wyke Regis. Birdguides showed the pipit as having been in the Bridging Camp at 1030, well we were there then and we didn't see it, or anyone else who had. After trying for both birds we left at about 1130 to go Ring Ouzel hunting. However, we ended up loo hunting & by the time we finally found one, the pipit sighting was on Birdguides so we decided to have another bash. And then whilst there, the warbler was sighted, so of couse we had another go at that. April Fools or what! It was spookily similar to our failed visit in December, but with a bit more sunshine.

Entrance to the Bridging Camp, some-time home of the Richard's Pipit

The Hume's Leaf Warbler was here, unfortunately not at the same time as us

Time for the Ring Ouzel hunt. 3 had been sighted in Barleycrate Lane earlier, so we headed there. We came across a very nice chap that we had met on the Bill yesterday. He had seen a male & female, and not long after we arrived a male gave us a nice look as he flew the length of the hedge. He came out again a short while later, but wished he hadn't when he was chased by a dive-bombing Sparrowhawk. Luckily he escaped unscathed.

Mary hoping for another Ouzel fly-by
We were then told of a spot where Common & Black Redstarts had been seen a short walk away. Off we went, with a bit of a spring in our step after finally seeing a new bird. We managed to find the spot, the landmark being a ginger horse! There were 3 Black Redstarts hopping on and off a stone wall but we couldn't find the Common Redstart. After about 20 mins we were chatting away & I casually put my bins up & looked in a tree. I was so startled by the stonking adult male Common Redstart right in front of me that all I could do was point & stutter incomprehensibly at Mary...... luckily it hung about for a while so we both had fantastic views.

The Common Redstart was in the trees at the end of Reap Lane
Happy, we went for a wander along the cliffs and had a post Ouzel snoozle.....


and Mary..

Last stop of the day was some relaxing seawatching at Portland Bill. Mary added a few species to her list (Razorbill, Gannet, Shag & Rock Pipit).

The Youth Hostel was full tonight, so we are now in a room with curving walls...the Portland Bird Observatory. Interesting, if a little chilly. Yeterday they broke their record for catching and ringing birds, with over a hundred an hour. Today they had 3 Blackcaps, 2 Chiffchaffs & a Bullfinch!

Home for the night.......Portland Bird Observatory
My Year List now on 157 & 1 sub
Mary's Year List now on 87 & 1 sub


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