Friday, 8 June 2012

A Red-footed Falcon & a pudding tick

We've been up on Muriel near Loughborough since Tuesday evening, but the weather's so dire we haven't ventured out of the marina yet. However, the silver lining to the black clouds is that we still have access to the van, so we popped out to Willington in Derbyshire on Wednesday in search of a Red-footed Falcon that had been there for a few days. It was lashing it down as we drove there, but miraculously it stopped when we arrived. It was a half hour walk along the bank of the River Trent to the spot where the Falcon was perched in a tree. Another first for me for the UK as well as an addition to the Year List. There were a few other birders & a couple went marching right up towards it, which was totally unnecessary. It flew off but whether they actually spooked it or it was off for a spot of hunting I don't know. Luckily it stayed in the vicinity, giving great views as it flew about & perched on various trees. We watched for quite a while before heading back to the van. As soon as we reached it, the heavens opened again. Made a pleasant change to time it just right.

Red-footed Falcon watchers, some better behaved than others
Yesterday we decided to treat ourselves to a meal in The Boat House, the marina's cafe. Whilst having my cheesecake, a Common Tern landed on the tiller arm of the boat moored beside the building. Another year tick without even the aid of my bins!

View from the cafe, which briefly included a Common Tern
Year List now on 191 + 2

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